Gaelle Foulon Daffner Psychotpraticienne

Gaëlle Foulon Daffner, Psychothérapeute à Aix-en-Provence
Slider Individual Therapy

Give yourself the support you need despite being far away

Individual Therapy

A time entirely dedicated to you where compassion, acceptance and curiosity will guide my work.

Together will explore what's uncomfortable and will find ways to overcome it so that you create the conditions for change.

Session are 60 minutes to 90 minutes either online from the comfort of your home or your workplace or in person at 21 cr Sextius Aix-enProvence


“When I met Gaëlle, I felt trapped in a whirlpool of confusion. I was gasping for air, and Gaëlle held out her hand to me. Yet, she became less of a lifeguard and more of a swim coach. As intently as she listened, Gaëlle was just as effectively crafting techniques to help me deal with my particular situation. Thanks to these tools, I pulled myself out of my mental conundrum, and I am confident that when a repair is needed again, I will be able to reach back into the toolbox we built together. Thanks to her warm empathy, bubbly interaction, and user-friendly methods, I am strolling in the sunshine once more.”