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Frequently Asked Questions


What is counselling?

Counselling is…

A counselor is someone who has been trained to listen, stay curious and give guidance on personal or psychological problems.

  • Counselling sessions are 60 minutes or 90 minutes long.
  • The client and the counsellor hold a dialog in which they are both equals. The client has all the answers, the counselor just helps him/her turn towards them!
  • Counselling is confidential, non-judgmental and practical.
  • It can be done in person or online. Studies shows that online counselling is as effective as in person counselling in most cases.

How much is a session?

​Initial 30 minutes discovery call : free of charge

Individual : $ 85 euro (1000 HKD) – 60 minutes long session

Couples : $ 125 euro (1500 HKD) – 90 minutes long session

How do I know I need therapy?

If you are experiencing one or several of the following, you should seek the help of a therapist.

  • Ruminating
  • Invasive thoughts
  • Insomnia
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Feeling overwhelmed

Note : if you have suicidal ideation AND are making plans to commit suicide you should call the emergency suicide line in your home country immediately.

Does it work?

In my work, I always try to use tangible criteria which will help my client and I track progresses and assess how close we are from her goal.

We also have regular check up with how the therapy feels to the client and make adjustment according to his feedback.

How to find the “right” therapist?

When there is a match between you and the therapist, you should be able to answer YES to most of the following questions :

For individuals :

  • Do I open up easily in session?
  • Do I feel seen and heard in session?
  • Is the therapist helping me get clarity?
  • Can I see myself reveal facts that are potential embarrassing or shameful to the therapist?
  • Did the therapist help me set clear objectives for the therapy?
  • Does my therapist track my symptoms progress regularly?

For couples :

  • Does the therapist stay neutral?
  • Does the therapist help the couple speak in a calm manner?
  • Does the therapist help the couple face difficult questions?
  • Does the therapist interrupt if necessary?

What to expect for the first session?

Since I offer a 30 minutes free of charge initial conversation, chances that you will come to the first session relaxed. If not, we first take care of that anxiety and agree on how to maximize the chances that you feel at ease.

Once this is done, we dive into the problem you are having, set up goals for the therapy and agree on a date for the following session. Time flies!

What you will need for a successful session?

  • A stable internet connection.
  • A place where you can get full privacy during the time of the session.
  • It's a good idea to prepare a non-alcoholic drink, some tissues and silence your cell phone prior to the beginning of our session.