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Strengthen your relationship with couple therapy

Couple Therapy

Couple therapy can be relevant at different stages of a relationship :

  • At the beginning, couple therapy can be a space where the couple explores what rules they want in their relationship, what values they have in common and what kind of future they want to build together.
  • When change takes place such as a move, an expatriation, a new child, the rules need to be revisited and couple therapy can help find ways to integrate that change and find a new equilibrium within the relationship.
  • In time of crisis such as an affair or repeated conflict, couple therapy offers a safe place to repair the damages and learn to manage conflicts in ways that are healthy for the relationship.
  • Finally, when separation is inevitable couple therapy can help find an harmonious end.

Being a couple is not as straightforward as it sounds. Two lives, two paths have to combine, progress in the same direction and yet stay separated. When expatriation and/or multiculturality are added to the mix, it become very challenging. If you feel disconnected from each other, a couple therapy can be a real savior. You will learn to better communicate, to manage conflicts and to connect deeply.

Session are 90 mins long, either online or in person at 21cr Sextius Aix-en-Provence


“Working with Gaelle for almost a year has been beneficial to us as a couple, as we got introduced to useful tools that we can adopt in our daily lives. The sessions were enabling us to find better ways of communicating and doing so more productively. Most of all, I valued Gaelle’s insightful observations and offering her professional perspectives in a very real and human approach – her humor, empathy and down-to-earth demure made it easy to establish a strong working relationship and explore difficult, and at times painful issues, safely.”